The Autumn Court is one of the seven courts of Prythian, and a Seasonal Court. It is known to be beautiful, cutthroat, and highly competitive. The High Lord of Autumn, Beron Vanserra, is gifted with the power of fire and is known to be the oldest and the cruelest of all the High Lords.


High Lord Beron rules over the Autumn Court, along with the Lady of the Autumn Court and his 4 remaining sons. His eldest, Eris hopes to kill his father and take the throne.

Beron originally had 7 sons: Lucien, Eris, and 5 other unnamed sons. After Beron had Lucien's lowborn lover executed Lucien abandoned his title and left the Autumn Court. Three of his brothers saw an opportunity to rid themselves of a rival and followed him, but they were thwarted when Tamlin arrived, warned by Eris. Two of the brothers were killed, one by Lucien and one by Tamlin. The third returned home and joined his family.



The woods of the Autumn Court look like a jewelry box, the colors so vivid that it's hard not to gawk and gape.

Forest House

The Forest House at the center of the Autumn Court is a sprawling complex, and has been built in and around the trees and rocks, with only its uppermost levels visible above the ground. Below, it tunnels a few levels into the stone. Its sprawl generates its size; it is possible to walk from one end of the House to the other though it would take half the morning. There are layers and circles of sentries ringing it; in the trees, on the ground, atop the moss coated shingles and the stones of the House itself.

Surrounding the forests of the Autumn Court are farm lands inhabited by the lesser Fae,


  • Beron is known to pay his farmers very poorly and so they are desperate for any extra wealth or favor they can receive.
  • Due to Lucien being the son of Helion rather than Beron, Beron technically only has 4 trueborn sons remaining.
  • The Autumn Court chooses its High Lords based on their strength, not by who is the eldest.


Autumn Court
Characters Beron Vanserra · Eris Vanserra · Lucien Vanserra (former) · Jesminda

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