Bryaxis is a creature of nightmares that resides in the cavernous library of the Night Court. In the library there is a pit in which he resides. He made his first appearance when the King of Hybern sent his ravens to capture Nesta. Feyre made a bargain with him, in return for killing the ravens he wanted company "to tell (him) of life". Feyre agreed and he attacked them brutally but Rhysand was the one who killed them. A tattoo then appeared on Feyre left hand sealing the bargain. Later Feyre made another bargain. If he fought in the war she would install a window in the library so he could look at the sun and stars. Anyone that looks directly at him (or it) is horrified like Cassian was when Rhysand as a youth dared him to see what was in the pit.


  • Bryaxis was the name of one of the most famous Greek sculptors of the 3rd century B.C.E. He is best known for having been one of four commissioned sculptors to carve the tomb of the deceased king, Mausolus of Caria (from whose name we get the word 'mausoleum').
Night Court
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