The Cauldron is a powerful magical artifact that is said to have been used to create life.


According to the Fae, the Cauldron was where the world was born. All life originated from within it, and it has great power. It was taken by malevolent beings who used its power for horrible deeds, including forging wicked things within it. It was eventually stolen back and, because it couldn't be destroyed, was hidden and forgotten.

In the seriesEdit

A Court of Mist and FuryEdit

Rhysand and Feyre travel to meet the Bone Carver, an ancient and wicked being imprisoned for his deeds. After asking questions of his own, the Bone Carver tells them the story of the Cauldron.

Long ago, before the High Fae, before man, there was a Cauldron... They say all the magic was contained inside it, that the world was born in it. But it fell into the wrong hands. And great and horrible things were done with it. Things were forged with it. Such wicked things that the Cauldron was eventually stolen back at great cost. It could not be destroyed, for it had Made all things, and if it were broken, then life would cease to be. So it was hidden. And forgotten. Only with that Cauldron could something that is dead be reforged like that.

The Bone Carver reveals that the Cauldron at the bottom of a frozen lake in Lapplund, but vanished a long time ago. He says that millennia before Rhysand was born, the Cauldron's three feet were successfully removed from it in an attempt to dull its power. It worked, but did not diminish the Cauldron's power very much. The feet were then hidden at three temples, Cesere, Sangravah and Itica. Judging by the recent attacks on the three temples Rhysand and Feyre deduce that the King of Hybern has stolen the feet and has the Cauldron at full power.

The Bone Carver also states that aside from raising the dead, the Cauldron could also be used to destroy the Wall.

Later on in the book, Feyre and her friends face the King of Hybern who has used the Cauldron to resurrect Jurian. As a demonstration to the mortal queens the King uses the Cauldron to forcefully Make Feyre's sisters into High Fae.


The Cauldron's only weakness is the Book of Breathings, a book made from the last of the molten ore used to forge the Cauldron. The Book contains spells to negate the Cauldron's power, or control it. The book can only be used by that which was reforged, or Made.


The Cauldron can do the following:

  • Raise the dead
  • Turn Mortals into Fae
  • Shatter powerful magic spells and wards
  • Create wicked creatures and objects

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