But Elain, the flower-grower, the gentle heart… Nesta would go down swinging for her.

Feyre about Elain, A Court of Thorns and Roses

Elain is Feyre's second-eldest sister who lived with Nesta, Feyre and their father at the beginning of A Court of Thorns and Roses.


Elain has golden-brown hair, like her sisters Feyre and Nesta. She also has rich brown eyes like her father. Feyre comments that her appearance is 'lovely' and the most beautiful of the three.


Elain is gentle and kind. She is bit ignorant in the sense she doesn't solve the problems herself e.g Feyre's family is starving but only Feyre does anything about it, but she does not mean any harm so no one gets angry with her. Elain is naive, peaceful and wants a happy life.

However, between the three sisters, Elain is what we will call the 'soft' one. She even bought Feyre some paints when she had some money left. She loves gardening which shows us that she can be seen as the 'Nurturer' out of the three.


A Court of Thorns and Roses

Elain lived with her father and two sisters, Nesta and Feyre. During this time, Elain mostly tended to her small garden near the front yard of their house. Nesta hoped for Elain to get a good wealthy husband to save them from poverty. After Feyre leaves with Tamlin, the remaining family is provided for by him.

A Court of Mist and Fury

Elain gets engaged to Graysen, a human man who is notorious for having a father that despises the Fae. She receives an iron ring as a symbol of their engagement. Feyre returns to the family's new manor with her new friends, her family having regained their wealth thanks to Tamlin's largess. Elain is clearly uncomfortable with the Fae but she welcomes them anyway. Later in the book she is Made into a Fae by Hybern, where she is told that Lucien is her mate.

A Court of Wings and Ruin

In the third book of the series, Elain is shown to see things that at the beginning made no sense. But later on, as the story advances, she is decreed as the Seer.

While Nesta had stolen the Cauldron's power, the Cauldron itself had granted Elain some magic for her never- ending kindness.

A small bond of friendship is also formed between her and Azriel. At the end of the book, she even asks Lucien to accompany them back to the Night Court, to which he instantly agrees.

When Elain went to Lord Nolan's residence--along with Feyre, Rhysand, Mor, and Nesta--to ask for sanctuary for any humans that are evacuating their homes once the wall came down, she reunites with Graysen, her human fiance. However, Lord Noland reveals that he knew of Elain's turning into Fae and having a High Lord's son as a mate, thanks to Jurian who had told him. Elain, still in love with Graysen, had wanted to return to him, but he rejects her. He demands for Elain to take off her iron ring, but she refuses, and Graysen roars at her. Rhys steps in and tells him to let her keep the ring. Graysen becomes unpleasant and says to Elain that he would not marry her and would take in whatever people that are seeking sanctuary, but not her. Elain, clearly upset, says nothing, but Nesta steps forward and slaps Graysen in the face, saying that he never deserved her.



Elain is kind to her sister, and is grateful when she provided for the family during hard times. In ACOMAF Elain welcomes Feyre and her friends into the home, knowing that they are Fae.


Elain is on good terms with her sister. Nesta is overly protective of Elain and worries about her sanity before she is proclaimed a Seer. It goes without saying that Nesta has a soft spot for Elain. She is even able to reason out with Nesta and can persuade her to do things that no one else can.


At the end of ACOMAF Lucien is claimed to be Elain's mate after she is Made into a Fae and the bond clicks into place. However, she is taken to the Night Court by Rhysand and company before she could have a chance to respond. In ACOWAR, Elain meets him and has a proper conversation with Lucien whilst at the Night Court. After falling into a depression, she talks to Lucien about her engagement, and how his betrayal affected her family. By the end of the book, Elain is seen to ask Lucien to stay at the Night Court, alluding to the reader that their relationship may be developing in later novellas.


During ACOWAR, Elain and Azriel become intimate friends. He gardens with her and even goes so far as to rescue her from the King of Hybern later in the book. He even lends her "Truth-Teller" which he has never let anyone borrow in his 500+ years of life. This leads people to suspect a romantic relationship forming later on.


  • The name, Elain, is a Welsh-name. It means "fawn" in Welsh. [1]



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