High Lords are the High Fae that rule over the courts of Prythian. There are seven courts, and so, there are seven High Lords. In A Court of Thorns and Roses, Amarantha acted as the High Queen of Prythian.

High Lords


  • Tamlin - High Lord of the Spring Court
    • He is deeply in love with Feyre and a close friend of Lucien.
  • Beron - High Lord of the Autumn Court
    • He lives with The Lady of the Autumn Court and his four remaining sons. He is a tall, handsome brown-haired man.
  • Tarquin - High Lord of the Summer Court
    • He has near-white hair, crystal blue eyes, with skin the color of mahogany.
  • Kallias - High Lord of the Winter Court
    • He is a pale-skinned fae who is clothed in colors of white and grey. He also wears a crown of ice.
  • Thesan - High Lord of the Dawn Court
    • He glowed the brightest among all of the High Lords, and is clothed in colors of gold and ruby.
  • Helion - High Lord of the Day Court
    • He is a dark-skinned fae who clothes in colors of white and gold.
  • Rhysand - High Lord of the Night Court
    • He previously acted under the command of Amarantha to spare his friends and lands from her tyranny. He fought against her in the end and stood up for Feyre during her final trial.
  • Feyre - High Lady of the Night Court
    • She is equal to Rhysand, bearing same weight in responsibility and power. She is also the first female faerie to be sworn in as a High Lady.



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