Jurian was an infamous mortal general during the famed ancient war between immortals and mortals, which resulted in the construction of the Wall. His first appearance was as a prisoner of Amarantha but simply an eye and finger bone. After her death by Feyre Archeron, he is liberated and becomes a vassal for the King of Hybern.


In A Court of Mist and Fury, Feyre first describes Jurian as tall and handsome for a mortal, with dark brown hair, cruel and calculating brown eyes and tan skin.


Little is actually known about the original Jurian. That is to say, before his resurrection. It can be speculated that he was extremely deceitful and heartless, having betrayed his Fae lover Clythia to a horrific death and used her purely for personal gain. He was born a talented and formidable warrior but proved unable to hold his ground against the powerful Fae Commander Amarantha. It can be assumed that he was somewhat charismatic, but Mor once mentioned that he was extremely arrogant and odious, and that "all he liked to do was talk about himself"[1]. After his resurrection, he is observed as someone who is extremely unstable, and possibly psychotic. His horrific ordeal with Amarantha, his violent death and prolonged torture at her hands, has left him irreparably scarred, both physically and mentally. However, he is not totally heartless, as he appears to be somewhat conflicted upon seeing three Children of the Blessed. Feyre adds that "for once, [Jurian] seemed torn" when he first saw them. It can be inferred that he still cares, even if minimally, for humans.



It is revealed to Feyre by Alis near the end of A Court of Thorns and Roses that Jurian was a mortal general operating in aid of the Mortal Army during the infamousancient war between Immortal and Mortal. In the midst of the war, Jurian seduced Amarantha (emissary of the King of Hybern)'s sister Clythia in order to gather information. It is noted by him that Miryam, his former lover, suggested and encouraged Jurian to do so in desperation of the war. Jurian weakened Clythia with ash wood and faebane and is rumored to have slowly tortured her to death by burning her. After heard the devastating news of her sister's horrific death, Amarantha tracks down and violently tortures and murders Jurian, and after doing so, takes ones of his fingers and eyes in order to entrap his soul within his stolen body parts, which she wears at all times, the finger as a necklace and the eye inside her ring. Because of this, he may never die peacefully but is forever damned to live in a never-ending purgatory. When Amarantha is later on killed and her body is burned, it is mentioned that the bone and eye of Jurian was not discovered on her body, and it is later revealed that both artifacts were stolen by the Attor.

A Court of Mist and Fury

Using the ring and bone harvested from Amarantha 's corpse in A Court of Thorns and Roses, the King of Hybern was able to use The Cauldron to resurrect Jurian, seeing as how his life force was embedded in both artefacts by Amarantha so that Jurian would not be able to pass into the afterlife after his violent death at Amarantha 's hands. His participation is crucial to the alliance formed between the King of Hybern and the mortal queens, who vastly prefer one of their own race to one of the Fae. Using Jurian, whom the queens mistakenly trust, the King is able to steal away their allegiances from the Night Court and claim them as his own allies. During the last chapters of A Court of Mist and Fury , Jurian subdues several members of the Night Court after arriving in Hybern, severely wounding Azriel with an ash bolt, before they are taken into custody by the King of Hybern.

A Court of Wings and Ruin

Jurian, along with the most of the Hybern royalty, take residence in the Spring Court having to allied with Tamlin. He is described as living proof of the rumors that surround him, with an aura of subtle insanity and arrogance. His plan ever since his resurrection is to torture and find and brutally murder Prince Drakon and Miryam, his former lover.

However, he later reveals this to be an act and explains that he just wants to apologize to Drakon and Miryam. He joins the fight against Hybern and decides to join Vassa's court after the war ends.


Jurian engaged in a romantic relationship with Amarantha's younger sister Clythia, before betraying her to her death. This was the cause of Amarantha's crazed obsession with Jurian and her utter hatred toward him. He is also known to have had another lover, Miryam, who left him for a Fae Lord, Drakon. It is said that after leaving Jurian, she mated and married Drakon, and is still living peacefully alongside him during the events of A Court of Mist and Fury. She is a subject of Jurian's obsession, and he seeks her relentlessly. Jurian's need to locate Miryam and punish her for having abandoned him is his driving motive for aligning himself with the King of Hybern.



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