Miryam was the daughter of a Mortal slave and unknown Fae male. She was the lover of Jurian and is the wife of the Fae Lord Drakon. 


Before the Ancient War, Mortals were slaves of the Fae. Miryam was conceived against her mother's will, and was doomed to the same life of servitude at birth. She was given as gift to a Fae Lord named Drakon by his betrothed, but the Fae Lord was horrified at her treatment and decided to free her. After she was freed, she joined the rebel Mortal forces, serving as a healer, and fell in love with their leader, Jurian. However, Jurian became more and more obsessed with the war and with Amarantha, and began to neglect Miryam. And so, when Miryam discovered that Drakon had seen the error of his ways after witnessing Miryam's treatment, renouncing his lover and becoming an ally of the mortals, Miryam began to fall in love with him. Drakon, it seemed, had been searching for her all this time, ever since he freed her, and had been hoping against hope to find her again so that he might confess his love for her. After Jurian was slaughtered by Amarantha, Miryam and Drakon supposedly perished during the last battles of the War. This was widely believed- even Amarantha was deceived by this lie. In truth, they married and opted for self exile. They are living together peacefully and in hiding to this day. This knowledge was privy to very few- to name one, Morrigan, who was a good friend of Miryam, and the entire Inner Circle- however Morrigan tells the human queens who then relayed it to Jurian after his resurrection. Jurian relentlessly seeks her and Drakon, wishing to enact his long awaited revenge upon her for abandoning him for a Fae Lord. 


Black Land
Characters Queen of the Black Land · Miryam (former) · Drakon (former) · Miryam's mother · Miryam's father

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