I was a dreamer born into the Court of Nightmares

–Morrigan, A Court of Mist and Fury

Morrigan, often shortened to Mor, is a member of Rhysand's Inner Circle and the third-in-command of the Night Court.

She is the overseer of the Court of Nightmares and the Court of Dreams, running both Velaris and the Hewn City. Mor's family used to rule the North before Rhysand's family.


Mor is a High Fae born in the Night Court. While she was growing she was strong and powerful and her family could feel that she was stronger than most in the family. She feared the moment she matured since High Fae cherished powerful female virgins to be sold by their families for breeding purposes.

Several days after her seventeenth birthday, she bled for the first time. And her power awakened stronger, making even the Mountain in the Court of Nightmares tremble. This was considered by her family as a bargaining gift, making Mor more desirable for powers and her virginity.

When Mor was sold in marriage to Eris, the eldest son of the High Lord of the Autumn Court and Lucien's brother, Rhysand took her to the Illyrian camp where he was stationed. When she saw Cassian, she decided that she wanted to lose her virginity with the strongest Illyrian warrior and that Cassian was the one, ruining her value as a bride.

One night when Rhysand and his mother left the camp, taking Azriel with them, Cassian and Mor made love. When Rhysand heard, he fought with Cassian. Mor decided to step away from Cassian to avoid further problems within the group of friends.

When Mor returned to the Court of Nightmares, Eris heard what she did. He claimed that she had no value to him. Mor's family tortured her. She was dumped in the Autumn Court with a note nailed to her belly for Eris stating that she was his problem. Azriel rescued her and brought her to Rhysand.

Sometime in the war between humans and fairies, Mor allied with the humans and helped the mortal queens forge the Treaty.

When Rhysand became the High Lord of the Night Court, she was appointed his Third, the overseer of the Court of Nightmares and the Court of Dreams, running both Velaris and the Hewn City. She is also a member of Rhysand's Inner Circle.

Physical appearance

Morrigan is described as beautiful, with a curvy body, brown eyes and gold wavy hair. She also has tanned skin and smells like citrus and cinnamon.


Her abilities are not described in detail in the book, yet it mentions that she can winnow. However, she mentions that her power is the truth, and she is seen at the end of ACOMAF healing Azriel.



Although they both have had other lovers, none of them were serious. It is implied that Mor feels something for Azriel but it is mentioned that Azriel fell in love with Mor the moment he saw her strutting into the Illyrian war camp over five hundred years ago. Mor confesses to Feyre that the reason their relationship has remained stationary is not because of Azriel, but because she is bisexual and enjoys the romantic company of women more than men. (As ACOWAR states, Mor says she can get pleasure from both men and women, but she prefers women because she can connect to them emotionally.) She isn't into Azriel that way and loves him as she does everyone else in the inner circle, as family. However, she chooses to withold such crucial information from Az, as she deems it would be crueler to tell him now, after it taking her so long to figure out why she does not love him.


After losing her virginity to Cassian, they have never been together ever since, a fact that infuriates the warrior. However, they remain good friends.


After admitting to Feyre the reason why she couldn't love Az as he loved her and that she preferred women. She confessed that there was once a woman she truly loved. Andromache was a mortal queen and they both had a relationship in secret together during the first war. Thinking that Andromache had a duty to carry out her bloodline, Mor left her after the last battle. She came to think to return to Andromache and 60 years would be better than nothing but that was when the wall was put up. For three years, she fought to cross it, to go and be with her lover but when she finally did, Andromache was married to a man, had an infant child, and another on the way. Mor turned away and never came back. Andromache gave birth to a total of 5 children and died in her bed, old and safe. Mor recognized her descendant in the eyes of the golden queen, when she met the young woman years after.

There were no lovers the years after but she woke one day realizing something what she wanted -she didn't know what- the opposite of Andromache. She took in male and female lovers. The females were kept secret, but her relationships with males was for everyone to see (especially Az) since she wanted Az to know that she wasn't that interested.


Mor is the first member of the inner circle Feyre meets (excluding Rhysand himself) and is kind and welcoming to her, though Feyre is hesitant to return the sentiment. The two grow closer throughout A Court of Mist and Fury and become good friends. This eventually leads to Feyre being the first person Mor comes out to in A Court of Wings and Ruin.


  • The meaning of "Morrigan" is derived from Irish Mór Ríoghain meaning "great queen". In Irish myth she was a goddess of war and death who often took the form of a crow. [1]. While, "Mor" Means "myrrh" in Hebrew [2] and "mother" in Norwegian, Swedish [3] and Danish.
  • Morrigan is one of the few queer characters in A Court of Thorns and Roses.



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