The naga—faeries made of shadow and hate and rot.

The Suriel, A Court of Thorns and Roses

The Naga are a species of faeries that enjoy torturing and eating mortals. Many of the dark legends about faeries that mortals have are inspired by the naga.


A Court of Thorns and Roses

Four naga appear in the Western Forest of the Spring Court after they smell Feyre, a mortal woman, and hear the scream of the Suriel. Feyre trapped the Suriel within the forest, and was asking it questions regarding Prythian and the the curse that was affecting the land. But is interrupted by the naga who attempt to kill and eat her.

Feyre immediately released the Suriel from it's snare, and runs straight towards the stream and back towards Tamlin's manor. The naga chase after her and Feyre succesfully attacks two of them. However, another naga catches up to her and violently pins her to the ground. Feyre screamed in the it's grasp, which alerted Tamlin to aid Feyre. He killed the naga in his shapeshifter form. He tells Feyre that he was tracking the four naga, until he heard her scream.

Physical appearance

The naga are faeries with a humanoid body, and serpentine features. They are covered completely in dark scales, and have powerful arms with black talons. It's eyes are amber in color.


  • The naga believe in the Dark Mother, who is presumably the evil counterpart of the Mother.
  • In Hindu mythology, the Nāga, which means 'serpent' in Sanskrit, are a class of semi-divine beings who are half human and half cobra. They are often considered nature spirits act as protectors for springs, wells and rivers.


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