Nuan Is a High Fae and master Tinkerer from the Dawn Court. She is also friends with Lucien and created his mechanical left eye.


Nuan was described as beautiful with long silken black hair, onyx eyes, and lightly tanned skin. Her appearance was also compared to Amren by Feyre, theorizing that she may have modeled her Fae body to her bloodline. Her face features included a sharp chin, round cheeks, and up-tilted eyes. Nuan also has a mechanical right hand.


Early Life

Nuan was born and raised in Prythian. Her parents were from a land called Xian as were most of the Dawn Courtiers before.

During the High Lords meeting, Nuan presented an antidote for the Faebane that Hybern had created. She had attained samples from Velaris' attack and made a solution.


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