Prythian is the land of the Fae. It is separated from the mortal world by a wall of magic, and is ruled by the Seven Courts, the Summer Court, the Spring Court, the Winter Court, the Autumn Court, the Day Court, the Dawn Court, and the Night Court. Tarquin is the high lord of the Summer Court. Tamlin is the high lord of the spring court. Kallias is the high lord of the Winter CourtBeron Vanserra is the high lord of the Autumn CourtHelion is the high lord of the Day CourtThesan is the high lord of the Dawn CourtRhysand is the high lord of the Night Court


Our benevolent masters would never harm us. Prythian is a land of peace and plenty. Should they bless you with their attention, you would be glad to live amongst them.

Children of the Blessed on Prythian

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