A village is located close to Tamlin's mansion in the Spring Court. It is less than five miles away from the mansion. Feyre and Lucien visit this village to help with rebuilding the destruction that Amarantha caused.

Most of the village was destroyed due to Amarantha, however a tavern and a well in the middle of the village have been completely rebuilt.


A Court of Mist and Fury

After the traumatic events in Under the Mountain, Tamlin becomes extremely protective of Feyre and refuses to let her leave the mansion. Feyre pleads to visit the nearby village, but Tamlin consistently refuses.

Tamlin later feels guilty for not permitting Feyre out of the manor so the next day he reluctantly allows Feyre to visit the nearby village. However, she supervised by Lucien during this trip. Lucien and Feyre ride on horses through a wood towards the village.

Once they arrive, they ask around the village to see if they can help with any duties. However, every High Fae in the village refuses their services. Feyre and Lucien are on terms with the High Lord, and therefore many of the citizens do not believe they should help. Feyre has already payed her debt by saving them from Amarantha, and the citizens are extremely grateful for that. Feyre and Lucien later leave as they are unable to help anyone.


Spring Court
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