This place, wherever it was, was freezing, deserted, barren. Only rock and grass and mist and sea.

–A Court of Mist and Fury

The Prison is a mountain on an island in the heart of the Western Isles. It is a place where they kept the foulest, most dangerous creatures and criminals in Prythian.


The Prison is situated in the cavernous mountain on the island. It was made before High Lords existed, when Mor's family ruled the North instead of Rhysand's. It is described as a cold barren land surrounded by the sea and filled with nothing but rocks and grass. There are wards surrounding the Prison that kept anyone, even High Lords, from winnowing or flying to the entrance. As a result, anyone that wishes to visit the Prison would have to hike up the mountain.

The prison is guarded by beings that are nothing but shadows of thought and an ancient spell. They only emerge at feeding time, or to deal with restless prisoners. The prison is said to be law unto itself, and that it may as well be an eighth court. However it falls under the Night Court's jurisdiction, and Rhysand's blood is keyed to the gates.

No prisoners have been able to escape the Prison, except for Amren who found a loophole in the spell by binding herself to a new body and successfully freeing herself. Once the sentence is given and a prisoner passes the gates, they belong to the Prison. No one can free a prisoner, not even the High Lord of the Night Court, Rhysand. It is mentioned that Cassian has given a sentence to a prisone.



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